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ONE DOLLAR SPRITES! The real thing from the 80s! [13 Mar 2007|05:40pm]

Bid on the real thing. Actual Rainbow Brite Sprites from the 80s!
Ending on Ebay soon! ONLY ONE DOLLAR! So get your bids in now:

Rainbow Brite SPRITZIE SPRITE girl vintage 80s plush 10

Rainbow Brite POSIE IQ SPRITE girl vintage 80s plush 10

Rainbow Brite DEELITE SPRITE pink tickled vintage 80s

Rainbow Brite SPARK yellow sprite vintage 80s 10 bright

Good luck!

Real authentic Rainbow Brite collectibles from the Eighties. ON EBAY FOR CHEAP! [05 Mar 2007|10:50pm]

Interested in adding to your Rainbow Brite collection?
We have several items starting at LESS THAN ONE DOLLAR ONLY!
Click on the thumbnails below to be transported to the individual auctions.

Items for very cheap sale!

HURRY! These end soon!
((These are fast loading thumbs for all browsers and connections.))

LURKY IS MINT WITH TAGS! He is in perfect condition. He is a great collectors item and is going for a super low price right now!

This is a special edition Starlight with hair that is FIVE TIMES THICKER than the average horses. He is very rare because he only came in a special edition package along with Rainbow Brite.

This is a BABY SPRITE. They are very rare and hard to find.
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1980's Rainbow Brite dolls IN GREAT CONDITION on sale at EBAY [16 Dec 2006|12:51pm]

To be courteous, we have used fast-loading thumbs on this post.

These items are ending soon on Ebay, so get your bids in quickly.
Most start at just ONE PENNY! Grab a great deal.

NEAR MINT Rainbow Brite VINTAGE Lala orange 10" inch doll 80s

MINT Rainbow Brite Champ blue boy sprite 10' inches vintage

MINT Rainbow Brite Baby Sphere Light Vintage 80s with jumper

MINT Rainbow Brite Lucky green boy sprite 10' inches vintage

MINT Rainbow Brite Romeo red boy sprite butler 10" vintage

Rainbow Brite Spark Yellow Sprite doll plush 10 VINTAGE

MINT Rainbow Brite Spark Yellow Sprite Canary doll VINTAGE

NEAR MINT Rainbow Brite VINTAGE white twink sprite doll 10" inch

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who remembers... [03 Feb 2005|08:55am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

I have a question, and a remenisce

First, the remenisce. Visionaries. Who else remembers Visionaries? Another one of those 80s cartoons that was designed as a half hour long commercial to sell toys. It only ran for one season, just 12 (13?) episodes that I recall. Good guys and badguys who could turn into their animal totems.
I loved that show, and wish it had continued on for more than the one run.

The question...

I'm looking for the title of another cartoon, it involved huge monstrous creatures that lived inside the earth and would emerge and rampage a la Godzilla. The one I remember was a giant skeleton like construct, and it would "trap" people inside its ribcage. What was this called? Any one remember?

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JEM STUFF FOR SALE! [11 Dec 2004|04:23am]

Just letting you guys know that I've put some Jem stuff on Ebay if anyone is interested!!



First Edition Pizzazz doll (from Jem) MIB with box for sale!! [07 Mar 2004|12:02pm]

First Edition Pizzazz doll (from Jem) MIB with box for sale!!
If anyone's interested!


I also have a huge Jem CD set for sale!

[02 Jan 2004|04:47pm]

[ mood | content ]

i don't think i've ever posted in here before. but i've been a member for a long time. i just wanted to let everyone know that currently on the Speed channel (or network) on cable, there is a Speed Racer marathon on. :)



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Monstroid! [28 Oct 2003|11:58pm]

I found this article funny. Be sure to download the actual commercial at the end. The Masters of the Universe didn't fare too well against that one.
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Vote for cartoons on DVD [07 Sep 2003|10:17am]

Rhino Video has a survey here to see what fans might want for future DVDs. I voted for Dungeons and Dragons because that was a great show . Also, Real Ghostbusters which would be wonderful to have again. And finally Transformers Headmasters which is the never-shown in America cartoons that followed the series that ended here. Hopefully they would pay for dubbing on that one...
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Top 11 80s Cartoon Villains [07 Jul 2003|11:06pm]

See if you agree with this

Saw Boss is my man and no one can argue with #1. Anyone missing of note? Anyone there who shouldn't be? Someone has to come in over #11 and his "cyborg companion" Hacker.
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[09 Jun 2003|11:05pm]

For Greensboro NC residents, Acme Comics is going to have LeSean Thomas the artist of the brand new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic from Dreamwave Productions at our store Wednesday the 11th! This new comic is based on the new animated series and line of action figures that began several months ago. If you're interested, stop by between 12pm and 6pm for a signature!

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[27 Apr 2003|08:46pm]

does anybody know the show where they lived in a tree, and in their room/dining room they could see into this pond or something.. see the people and things swimming in there. can anybody help me there?? it's driving me mad!
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RIP: Johhny Douglas [24 Apr 2003|10:35pm]

"Who's Johnny Douglas?," you're asking yourself. He was an English music composer. "What does that have to do with me?," you may say. Well I'd never heard of him before today either. But I knew his work well and so did many people. The music for The Transformers, GI Joe, Spider-man and His Amazing Friends, The Incredible Hulk, Dungeons and Dragons. You can remember most of his work vividly without even thinking about it. I'm sure he didn't know he was giving so many people such good memories by doing music for cartoons about toys or comic books, but I'm glad he took the job.

Johhny Douglas
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Great Place to Find 80's Toys!!! Updated [14 Apr 2003|07:35am]

Hey www.plasticobsession.tk was majorly updated last night. they have tons of CareBears, Rainbow Brite, Shera, My Little Pony and a whole lot more! Check them out!

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Meow!!!!!! [05 Apr 2003|02:49pm]

[ mood | blank ]

I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! I thought I was the only person who knew what any of these cartoons were! Even when I meet people with the Thundercats logo or their shirt's or Care Bear keychains, they give me vacant looks! That's almost has bad as wearing those shirts with japenise on them and not knowing what it says! At least you people know probably remember when My Little Ponies were still chubby and short or has the sense to know that Storm does not have strait hair. DAMN YOU SCOTT HER HAIR'S SOOO NOT STRAIT!

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[23 Mar 2003|10:49am]

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[22 Mar 2003|07:18pm]
Does anyone remember the cartoon with these upright-walking animals, who wore clothes, and either they all wore roller-skates or one of them did.. a sheep or cat or something? (Not the Wuzzles)

And, does anyone remember these pocket-sized dolls, which smelled really good.. not the Mary Cherry dolls (or whatever)


If so, what where their names? (Cartoon and dolls names)
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State of retro comics [20 Mar 2003|10:10pm]

Here's the scoopCollapse )
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hellllllo? [16 Feb 2003|06:50pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Wow, I find a nice place and its emptier than the inside of Gerogie Bush's head.

So hello, and goodbye

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